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About us

Our Company

We have worldwide network with leading  aircraft ground handling companies around the world in addition, to make the company further stronger. Apollo aviation services Ltd. is a faster growing flight handling company in Bangladesh .


To provide quality service to the customers. Obtaining a major market respected business arena. Be the best in business.


Our unique approach has made us different from others. We are positive and quick learner which helps us growing faster than anyone in this sector. We never give up our hopes in any situation. We just keep going and believe in achieving the target.


We are the best and leading non-schedule flight handling  company in Bangladesh.


Our positive approach has made us successful and faster growing  company in Bangladesh.


Our competitive services is in favor to everyone who needs a better pricing
with quality services.


We have well trained and experienced staff and our flexibility meet special customer needs 

Chairman Message


We are proud to represent Apollo Aviation  Services Ltd  in Bangladesh. We start journey to become a leader in providing Aviation Related All Services. It has highly Skilled Professionals to provide Excellent Aviation Services and a very strong globally.  

Apollo Aviation Services Ltd has trusted and efficient agency of Biman Bangladesh Air Lines (GHA).    
We offer our clients a full scale of dispatch and flight-following services including over flight and landing permits, flight planning, Weather, Notams, handling arrangements and on the spot coordination and other facility for flight related services en route.

Our OPS 24/7 is at your service. An Apollo Aviation Services Ltd. dispatch officers on duty will help you with any service needed, including fuel uplift and crew rest at any airport of your choice. Our Employees are always eager to answer all your questions and specify accurate information with airport management or handling in any airport in Bangladesh. We are capable to serve any air port of the World through our Global Offices/Partners/Agent.

We support international business-jet operations and non-scheduled airline services (corporate, medical, cargo, charter Etc). Our permanent attention to details and knowledge of specific aspects of services at each airport adds to the smooth operation for our clients.

Thank you for your time and consideration in taking review of our company activities. If you need more query / question / advice / suggestion/ let us know freely without hesitation through E-mail.

Warmest Regards

Md. Gazibar Rahman
Apollo Aviation Services Ltd